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Our Mission and Vision

We live in a world that at times is afraid to ask hard questions. Beyond that, we live in a world that at times is uncomfortable not having the answers to hard questions. At The Table we strive to ask questions about life, God, and The Bible, that are not easy to answer. We strive to bring everything and lay it out at The Table.

We Strive to see and be seen, know and be known, feed and be fed.

Monthly Events

Regardless of what we do, we will always meet at the chapel at church and then if we leave we will carpool to other locations from there. Our monthly large gathering is a time to hang out, eat, and fellowship with each other. They won't all look the same, but guaranteed there will be food. If you want to know about our events or want to sign up for them, follow our Instagram and our weekly email/text to stay connected!

Who am I?

Hi! I’m Andrew Kazim. It’s been a blessing to be given this opportunity to serve here at New Life and I’m really excited about The Table and the kinds of conversations we are going to be able to have in this space. I grew up as a Missionary Kid in Mexico.  I enjoy cooking, film and media, reading, and music. I’d love to get to know you so please email me with any questions!

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