Indonesian Ministry


Our Indonesian Ministry has a mission that seeks to reach our Indonesian community within Southern California with the gospel to foster growth in personal relationships with Jesus. This ministry speaks their native language in their gatherings and provides English translation. The Indonesian Ministry also strives to bring unity to the broader congregation of New Life, while growing in relationship with each other and the Lord. 

Our NLCC Indonesian Ministry meets on Sundays at 11:30am in the Chapel, following the main service. Traditional Indonesian lunch is provided in the gym to help build more intimate relations with one another. Sunday School is also provided. For questions about the Indonesian Ministry, contact Pastor Ricky:

Currently, this is our only multicultural ministry and we hope that more will be able to join us in the future.

Indonesian Ministry Vision and Mission

Helping Indonesia through our HELP Indonesia Project by giving hope, justice, love and prayer to those in Indonesia.

Reaching out and bringing as many Indonesians as possible that currently reside in Southern California to join together, take root, grow stronger in faith, especially in facing various challenges of life in America. Also to live more fruitfully and be a blessing to others, especially to friends in Indonesia that are in need.

core principles

As a growing congregation, we agree and are of one heart to demonstrate it through:

  1. Strengthening & maintaining unity (Persatuan) in fellowship and serving together. NLCC Indonesia Ministry is a church and fellowship that promotes love and togetherness, an anti-division service platform. 
  2. Continuing to be faithful in giving tithes (Persembahan Persepuluhan) so that we can continue to support the NLCC Indonesian Ministry, support the lives of the shepherd and his family and also to continue to share life for those in need, especially to friends and family in Indonesia. 
  3. Live caringly (Peduli) and not selfishly, live to strengthen, support, encourage one another in fellowship and service together, not the other way around bringing each other down and weakening each other. NLCC Indonesia Ministry is a church, fellowship and an anti-gossip ministry. 


Become a member of NLCC Indonesia congregation that: 

1. Learns, remembers and keeps God's teachings and commandments
2. Prioritizes love and loyalty in living together and serving together. Also in their respective families.
3. Trust God with all your heart  
4. Acknowledges God in every action. Becomes a blessing to others, so that they see God in and through us, our church and our families.
5. Aren’t arrogant and consider yourself the wisest 
6. Live and serve in humility 
7. Live in fear of God (take God's and His Commandment seriously) 
8. Continues to honor God with wealth and income 
9. Never withhold kindness from those in need 10. Never plan a crime against others
11. Never fight arbitrarily with others  
12. Live contented and grateful with what they have and accept it as a blessing from God.