Life Groups

At New Life, we believe that relationships and community are central to experiencing all God has for us. We grow better together. We were made to depend on and serve one another. We are cared for best by those who know us. In close relationships, we can give and receive love like Jesus demonstrated. We were not meant to do this life and faith alone. We need help, support and friends. Life Groups are a great opportunity to gather with 6-12 others, often in a similar life stage, twice a month or weekly for this sort of community. Additionally, these groups are also a great opportunity to serve those outside of the group, together.

Meeting during covid

As of now our groups are meeting either through Zoom or Outdoors with masks. Each group is free to decide what is best for them. Most groups follow our weekly curriculum that reflects on the sermon from that week. A few of them go through their own Bible Study or Book Study. 

Here are a few groups and stories:

"I've been attending New Life for a couple of years now but this is the first time I've been part of a life group regularly. It has really changed how much I feel like I'm part of the church community. I appreciate how we are willing to have difficult and challenging conversations and can be open and honest with our experiences, especially during these challenging times during the pandemic. I truly feel like we're 'doing life' together and look forward to when we can meet in person!"
- Sarah Anderson
"Even though we have never met most of this group face-to-face, we feel more connected to New Life Church because of our involvement with this weekly group." - Steven & Claudia
"Being an active part of a Life Group has been very centering for me. The accountability and friendship that we have is what the church is supposed to look like!" -Angela
“I love the close friendships and discussions we have as a group.” - Betty
“Life Group is a blessing! We encourage, support, and pray for each other and our families along with our church and country leaders." - Andrea
 “Life groups are a life line in these troubling and discouraging times.” - Paula
“I enjoy the fellowship of this group as we try to relate how God's message works in each of our lives and how we use His word daily to live.” - Sharun
“So thankful for this life group, especially in these very uncertain times. This life group has helped me stay grounded, and I appreciate every single woman in the group. " -Grace
"Safe, welcoming, fun, supportive and caring." - Leanna
"I love our life group! We are strong in our faith and feel the blessings of the Lord everyday and we celebrate Him. Our studies always start good conversations that bring us closer to our Father and each other." - Ann Marie Freitas

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