School year program

What does your child do when school gets out each day? It’s a dilemma that many parents face. For this reason, New Life Community Church is proud to offer a wonderful opportunity to our community. Connecting Kids is our before and after school program for children in Kindergarten-6th grade. The program was developed to ensure the health and safety of the children attending; promoting their social and emotional development and encouraging cooperative behavior, creative expression and independent thinking.
We are committed to providing a welcome environment that fosters a
sense of belonging for children, families and staff.

Please feel free to contact us at 562.924.4466 x226 or

Registration can be done by drop off  safely through the slot in our door, B204 or
visit our office during regular office hours Monday-Thursday 9am-2pm.
Please call or email if you would like to know which schools we provide
transportation to and from and if spots are available for your school.

All completed forms and checks must be dropped off at the
Children’s Ministries office, B204 ONLY.
*VERY IMPORTANT!  CAREFULLY READ and FOLLOW the instructions below. 
This does not guarantee a spot – that is to be determined once you have turned in your
completed registration forms and fees.
If you have any questions, please contact us via email at
All forms and information are posted below.

Click on the forms below to download and print. Click on the form and then click download for a fillable PDF of each form. After you have completed the form, please print and then sign.
  • Registration Checklist:  All items must be checked off or N/A circled if the item does not apply to your child (this must be turned in with your registration forms).
  • Registration Forms:  3 pages (Page 3 should be 1 per child. Please print additional sheets for more than one child. This is a state required form). Complete, sign and return.
  • Notification of Parents’ Rights:  Complete, sign the bottom portion and return with your registration forms.
  • Personal Rights forms:  Complete. sign the bottom portion and return with your registration forms.
  • Form #2:  ONLY IF  you answer yes to any of the questions on page 2 of the Registration Form. This means that your child has allergies or has medication needs. You must complete Form #2.
  • Medication Form:  ONLY IF  your child needs to have medication administered at Connecting Kids. Complete and sign one form for each medication.
  • Technology Parent Permission Form (Grade 3-6 only):  Required for children in grades 3-6 who will use a device for homework time. Please print the form, discuss with your child, complete, sign and return with your registration forms.
  • Parent Handbook:  You are responsible to read, understand and abide by its contents.
  • Payment:  Return the completed forms along with a check for registration fee, kindergarten fall fee (if applicable) and the first month's fees (August fees are noted in blue on the Fees sheet) in an envelope to the Children’s Ministries office, B204 and place through the slot in the door or visit during our office hours: Monday-Thursday, 9am-2pm.  Call/email the office if you are unsure of the amount to write your check for.  PLEASE MAKE OUT CHECKS TO 'NEW LIFE'.
  • ACH (Automatic Funds Transfer from Bank Account): We have begun an automated tuition and fee payments (ACH) program. With the Automated Payment Processing (ACH) service, it will no longer be necessary for you to write a check for tuition and fees. There are no fees incurred for using ACH. If you are interested, please download an Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization form (ACH form) from below. The form must be filled out completely in order to process. You may turn in with your registration forms.                                                                                                             *IMPORTANT:  Your initial payment for the registration fee, kindergarten fee (when applicable) and  first month fees (August fees are noted in blue on the fees sheet) must be paid by check, money order or cashier’s check at time of registration and will not be paid by ACH.
    Payment will automatically be withdrawn from your bank account on the 
    due date indicated on each invoice beginning with your child's 2nd month at Connecting Kids.
    ** If you are already a part of our ACH program, we will continue taking payments through ACH as long as your child is a part of our program or until you request that we cancel. You do not need to complete a new form unless your bank information has changed.