God’s kingdom is so much bigger than just Artesia, Cerritos and this local area. The whole earth is His and God’s family includes people from all races, cultures and countries. At New Life, global outreach is aimed at building strategic relationships to reach specific regions of the world with God’s transforming love. 

HELP Projects

HELP stands for Hope, Equality, Love, and Prayer. Our vision is to raise up and equip global disciples of Jesus with mentorship, love and support. Our mission focuses on identifying needs throughout the world and partnering with other organizations to help and create communities of Christ followers. Our ministry works to help evangelism programs, impoverished countries, and improve the well-being of children, especially those who are orphaned and abandoned at birth, by providing an education and increasing their health education. Through all of this, the main goal is to plant new churches and develop Christian leaders. The Global Outreach Team currently supports partners in six different countries: Indonesia, Kenya, Guinea Bissau, Cameroon, the Philippines, Czech Republic, and Mexico. Our prayer is that New Life can provide Hope, Equality, Love, and Prayer to people in those countries. 


New Life supports mission work in Sentani-Papua, Medan, Bogor, and Pulau Guntung. We helped fund the building of an orphanage in Medan which currently cares for 52 children, and another in Sentani, Papua with 54 children. Once a year, we hold an event to raise money to help construct housing for a missionary or pastor working in remote areas of Indonesia, as well as support other Indonesian missionaries. 

Under the HELP Indonesia Project alone, we work with 2 non-profit organizations called YAHELPI (YAHELPI (Yayasan Hati Melayani Persada Indonesia) and Yayasan Penakluk Ombak (aka Elevate Ministry). Within these two organizations, we support 15 projects. It focuses on poverty and education, sharing Christ’s love in providing orphaned and less fortunate children with food, shelter, medical treatment, and education in a safe and loving environment. The vision is to bring healing to hurting communities in Indonesia by providing assistance in health, education, social and economic development to rebuild these communities into self-sustaining entities.

help kenya

New Life supports the efforts of the RCA through aiding missional partners working in East Africa through prayer, practical support and sending short-term teams and church ambassadors to work alongside them.

-Because of the deep practical issues and needs affecting the region – drought, slavery, economic exploitation, political unrest, and AIDS to name a few – and God’s call to bring justice and healing.
-Because of the large numbers of people in the region who have yet to hear the message of Jesus in a life-changing way.
-Because of the connection many members of the New Life family have with the region after taking trips, supporting this mission, and developing a heart for East Africa.

Since 1994, this partnership has been dedicated to improving the lives of people in East Africa by providing: clean water, care and education for orphaned, destitute and vulnerable children; accessible, affordable, quality healthcare; improvements in agriculture, sustenance, and nutrition; and other services that improve the physical, social and spiritual well-being of the people in East Africa.

help Guinea Bissau

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help Cameroon

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help Philippines

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help Mexico

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help Czech Republic

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Members-in-Missions (MiM) is all about furthering New Life’s legacy as a sending church. We develop and send financial support, prayer and encouragement to a handful of church partners serving on the mission field throughout the world, as well as Bible translators and other various ministries. 


Our short term mission efforts work with mission needs on a short term basis that are closer to home.