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God’s kingdom is so much bigger than just Artesia, Cerritos and this local area. The whole earth is His and God’s family includes people from all races, cultures and countries. At New Life, global outreach is aimed at building strategic relationships to reach specific regions of the world with God’s transforming love. 

HELP Projects

HELP stands for Hope, Equality, Love, and Prayer. Our vision is to raise up and equip global disciples of Jesus with mentorship, love and support. Our mission focuses on identifying needs throughout the world and partnering with other organizations to help and create communities of Christ followers. Our ministry works to help evangelism programs, impoverished countries, and improve the well-being of children, especially those who are orphaned and abandoned at birth, by providing an education and increasing their health education. Through all of this, the main goal is to plant new churches and develop Christian leaders. The Global Outreach Team currently supports partners in six different countries: Indonesia, Kenya, Guinea Bissau, Cameroon, Czech Republic, and Mexico. Our prayer is that New Life can provide Hope, Equality, Love, and Prayer to people in those countries. 


New Life supports mission work throughout all of Indonesia primarily in the islands and cities of: Papua, Medan (North Sumatra), East Java and West Java, Maluku, Bali, Rio Islands, and Bengkulu (Southwest coast of Sumatra). Every year, we hold events such as the Christmas Festival and Global Mission Night to raise money to help support orphanages, special needs educational programs and services, early education, and developing leaders.

Under the HELP Indonesia Project alone, we work with 2 non-profit organizations called YAHELPI (YAHELPI (Yayasan Hati Melayani Persada Indonesia) and Yayasan Penakluk Ombak (aka Elevate Ministry). Within these two organizations, we support 15 projects. It focuses on poverty and education, sharing Christ’s love in providing orphaned and less fortunate children with food, shelter, medical treatment, and education in a safe and loving environment. The vision is to bring healing to hurting communities in Indonesia by providing assistance in health, education, social and economic development to rebuild these communities into self-sustaining entities.

The Young family of Elevate Ministry have been cross-cultural workers for 20 years in South-East Asia. They lead a National Leadership Team that oversees 6 teams throughout the country. Their vision is to see the transformation of Surfing Communities that involves multiplying disciples and developing missional leaders among unreached Islamic and Hindu people groups. Their teams use a variety of strategies including surf and skate activities, running a local youth center, establishing small businesses and catalyzing community development initiatives.

help kenya

New Life supports the efforts of the RCA through aiding missional partners working in East Africa through prayer, practical support and sending short-term teams and church ambassadors to work alongside them.

-Because of the deep practical issues and needs affecting the region – drought, slavery, economic exploitation, political unrest, and AIDS to name a few – and God’s call to bring justice and healing.
-Because of the large numbers of people in the region who have yet to hear the message of Jesus in a life-changing way.
-Because of the connection many members of the New Life family have with the region after taking trips, supporting this mission, and developing a heart for East Africa.

The EAP was founded to share the love of Christ and help the people of East Africa in a holistic and sustainable way. All projects are selected and led by our partners in Kenya and throughout East Africa, and must be self-sustaining within two years, generating enough revenue to keep the project going. This allows the EAP to continue to expand our ministry, confident our projects will last.

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help Cameroon

For the Gospel message, the love of Jesus, and the truth and meaning found in the holy scriptures to reach those at the ends of the earth, much work of varying sorts is required. Among the many challenges are those centered around transportation as the distances to travel can be very long and the terrain and geography very rugged. Missionary aviation is one solution to help overcome the transportation challenge. Daryl, a missionary pilot-mechanic and aviation program manager in Cameroon, was assigned by Wycliffe Bible Translators over 20 years ago to serve in Cameroon. Together with his wife Sun, they have raised 3 children living in Cameroon while serving with a mission called SIL Cameroon. Whether transporting expatriate missionaries or Cameroonian colleagues, the simple goal in aviation is to help support and accelerate the work of Bible translation and language development in Cameroon’s many languages (more than 270). Other Christian ministries have also been assisted by the SIL Aviation Department service. Many lives have been saved through timely emergency medical evacuation.

Sun’s work centers around Missionary Kid (MK) education. She serves part-time on staff at Rain Forest Int’l School (RFIS), where she teaches and assists in various administrative tasks. RFIS provides high-quality Christ-centered middle and high school education, not only to the missionary community families who are deeply dependent on the ministry of RFIS, but also to local Cameroonian students that enroll. Because this school exists, missionary families can remain longer in Cameroon with their children receiving appropriate education in their home country environments. Without the school’s ministry, many fewer families would be able to continue serving once children become older. The school has a great impact on the lives of Cameroonian students and their families.

Daryl and Sun’s roles in Cameroon help to enable the work of many ministries occurring, including Bible translation. The fact that New Life Community Church partners with the Young family’s Wycliffe ministry means that NLCC extends its global outreach “unto the ends of the earth” and among under-served people groups needing to know how much God loves them. And that is best understood when they can experience God’s word in a language that speaks to their heart.

help Czech Republic

Global Partners exists in the Czech Republic to create organic and sustainable discipleship movements so that people would encounter Jesus through their own family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers.
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help Guinea Bissau

Guinea-Bissau is a small country in West Africa between the Atlantic Ocean on the west, Senegal on the north and Republic of Guinea on the east and south. The population is around 1.5 million, with more coming from nearby countries as well as Nigeria and Asia.

We have been supporting and establishing a relationship with Rev. Titus Dima and his ministry in Guinea Bissau since 2007, prior to the merge of the Indonesian ministry and New Life. We support Rev. Titus through our partnership with Worldwide Evangelization for Christ (WEC International). Click here for more information about WEC's integral mission and three objectives of their ministry.

In addition to annual financial support, we also support Rev. Titus by sending him medicine and vitamins which he needs for his well-being. Guinea Bissau is also one of the potential countries for us to visit in the future for a short-term mission besides Indonesia. 

help Mexico


Members-in-Missions (MiM) is all about furthering New Life’s legacy as a sending church. We develop and send financial support, prayer and encouragement to a handful of church partners serving on the mission field throughout the world, as well as Bible translators and other various ministries. 

The Navigators - Leihlyn

The Navigators' calling is "To advance the Gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom, into the nations, through spiritual generations of laborers, living and discipling amongst the lost." I have been on staff with the Navigators since 1993. My specific focus within the Navigators is the Collegiate Mission and I’m a part of the “Sunland Region” covering California, Arizona, Utah and Hawaii. We currently have over 100 staff ministering in about 15 leading universities and expanding. I serve locally discipling and equipping young staff and students to walk with God, disciple others and reach out to the lost around them. I serve regionally as a member of the Women’s Ministry Team helping oversee the staff women in our region. I serve nationally as a member of The National Training Leadership Team to help staff be more equipped to serve those under their care. I also serve internationally. Having lived in Russia for 3.5 years, and in the U.K. for 4.5 years reaching International students, I continue to follow up on those ministry relationships. I also will begin to serve as the Global Student Program-Virtual Director this Fall, which is an innovative and unexpected blessing of the pandemic. I will have the opportunity to influence staff and students who are part of our Navigators’ Worldwide Partnership reaching over 100 countries around the globe.


Our short term mission efforts work with mission needs on a short term basis that are closer to home.