non-cash asset gifts

Your legacy can continue for generations to come

These asset gifts can be 100 percent donated or even partial interest can be donated. Please consult with your tax advisor or investment firm for additional information.  Once you are ready to donate, please contact Kristin at to see your donation is properly received.

Here are some examples of non-cash gifts:

Stock (appreciated or depreciated) or marketable securities Real estate (primary residence, vacation home, or commercial property)
Business interests
Life insurance  
Retirement accounts
Tangible personal property

where do you gifts go?

Currently, gifts can be given to:

1) General Budget (supports the daily ministries of NLCC)

2) Build New Life (BNL) is a fund that helps us improve/maintain buildings and grounds (pipes, carpet, paint, computers, sound system, etc...)

3) Endowment Fund is a fund where we can only spend the interest for BNL items.  The principle is never used.